Human Hair Extensions

Human Hair Extensions

We only fit the finest quality human hair extensions by Great Lengths, you can rest assured the end result will be amazing.

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Why Great Lengths?

Why Great Lengths?

The hair extensions are pre bonded and Great Lengths produces over 55 colours plus 17 blonde shades.

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How to keep your Longer Hair Extensions in London looking as good as possible for as long as possible.

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Human Hair Extensions in London

I provide you with a high quality Great Lengths pre bonded, human hair extensions service all over London and the South East. Using only the finest quality human pre bonded hair extensions you can rest assured the end result will be amazing.

With my service you can be sure of:

  • 10 years experience with Great Lengths Hair Extensions.
  • 20 years in the hair industry.
  • Cheaper prices than in the salons.
  • Free no pressure consultation.
  • Gold service member of Great Lengths.
  • Have your Great Lengths extensions in a private, relaxed atmosphere.

Why not call me now on 0208 361 2769 or 07973 292142 or contact me using my enquiry form.


Hair Extensions That Are A Cut Above the Rest 

Here is a sad truth: not all of us are blessed with long, flowing hair. Are you are currently trying to grow your hair, have fine limp hair or have a special occasion ? Tried several products to improve your hair growth and try to create volume then Great Lengths Hair Extensions could be the answer for you.

Great Lengths Hair extensions offer an easy solution to your hair dilemma. Quality and 100% natural human hair extensions can add length,colour, thickness and volume, while also providing a great deal of freedom.

Be Careful With Synthetic Hair  and Cheap Hair Extensions

It may be tempting to choose synthetic hair or cheap hair extensions that may feel great to begin with because they are a lot cheaper than real human hair extensions. Be wary, though. Fake hair cannot be styled with hot tools or coloured like natural hair extensions. After a few washes the hair can become dry, tangled and have no natural movement.

Always find a qualified hairdresser who is certified to apply hair extensions.

Great Lengths only allow fully qualified hairdressers to train with them and use their hair and method. They have a database on their website with every salon and freelance stylist in the UK on the list.

Unqualified hair extenionists do not have a hairdressing background and do not know how to colour match properly. This is extremely important to the end result and even more importantly they do not know how to cut and blend the hair extensions.

Over 80% of hair extensions on the market claim to be 100% human hair, when in fact many have added synthetics to the hair creating a lush and soft feel. Most worrying is that Chinese hair is used which is a low quality and the texture does not match natural hair as chinese hair is  fine, limp and completely straight without any movement or natural in the hair.

Go for Natural-Looking Hair

It is true the high-quality hair extensions cost more, but you’ll get what you pay for. The texture and quality match  with your own hair, and are the perfect option if you want to achieve longer, fuller and natural-looking hair . Those who wear real human extensions note that the extentions feel like their own, original strands. When properly maintained, the strands will last longer and will not turn frizzy.

If the quality of your hair extensions matter, do not settle for synthetic or cheap hair extensions. Longer Hair Extensions London is your partner in having perfectly aligned hair that has volume, bounce, and feels like the natural thing. With over 15 years experience and more than 20 years in the hair industry you will receive a first class experience with beautiful natural looking hair that will be easy to maintain and will last.
Contact us today and find hair extensions that are a cut above the rest.

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Beware of cheap Hair Extensions

Beware of cheap Hair Extensions Many people are advertising cheap prices for hair extensions, stating the hair is of top quality. and is real hair. Russian virgin hair maybe mentioned or cuticle Remy hair may also be mentioned. Groupon, Woucher, Living Socil have regular offers. It is very tempting. You pay for what you get…


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